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Paisley | Cake Smash | Central Texas Photographer

Yay! Finally after some time of planning this colorful session with Paisley’s mommy we finally got to shoot her cake smash and 1st birthday pictures. She was pretty overwhelmed with all the colors, balloons, and tissue flowers but she was ready for the cake she even got her feet in it!2015-03-07_01492015-03-07_01502015-03-07_01512015-03-07_01522015-03-07_01532015-03-07_01542015-03-07_01552015-03-07_01562015-03-07_01572015-03-07_01582015-03-07_0159You know it’s her party and she can cry if she wants to!2015-03-07_0160A little before and after!2015-03-07_0161I love these next few images capturing her runaway tracks!2015-03-07_01622015-03-07_0164The swirls on the cake were so pretty I decided to have some fun with my macro.2015-03-07_01632015-03-07_0165Now whats a cake smash without a little clean up bubble bath to get cleaned off. 2015-03-07_0166

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Lindsey and Brandon | Central Texas Photographer

FINALLY!!!!!!!!!!! I can share!!!!!!!!!
Wammackbaby05_WEBWammackbaby06_WEBWammackbaby11_WEBWammackbaby14_WEBWammackbaby23_WEBWammackbaby27_WEBWammackbaby28_WEBWammackbaby35_WEBAre you still with me? Guess what we aren’t finished with the good news roller coaster yet!2015-03-06_00052015-03-06_0003Words can not express my excitement for these two! I’m so blessed to be apart of your family and thank you for letting me capture all your life events! Can’t wait to meet baby Wammack!

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Krysta & Joshua | Personal Photos | St. Lucia

Instead of posting 100 pictures with little words I thought I would post my trip photos here and add little tid bits of our trip along the way!


This first images are just views from the plane I have flight anxiety so I did not sleep the entire trip but I did enjoy my scenery along the way and enjoyed listening to the hubby snore away:)2015-03-03_00082015-03-03_00092015-03-03_00222015-03-03_00232015-03-03_0006This is the beautiful views as I walked to our room at the Sandals Halcyon St. Lucia, breath taking views and the sound of the waves crashing on the shore it was paradise. 2015-03-03_00032015-03-03_00042015-03-03_00052015-03-03_0002This was one of Josh’s pleasures while here chasing these little guys and trying to catch them before they hid in the sand. 2015-03-03_00252015-03-03_0024Bob Marley, lots of drinks, amazing deserts, and topped the night off with a fire pit outside our room.2015-03-03_0026Getting to see your best friend that is staying at the La Grande resort was so exciting we got to want a fancy dinner, hot tub fun and moon lit ocean swimming!
2015-03-03_00442015-03-03_00432015-03-03_0045When we booked our trip we knew that we wanted to explore the island and meet some locals so we were up bright and early to embark on an adventure with Julian Boat Tours. This​ all inclusive land and sea excursion which includes local rum punch , lunch, snorkeling, waterfall bathing natural spa treatment and cliff jumping.2015-03-03_00272015-03-03_0028Took this photo for our friends Kathy Gilmore we found an old Texaco and thought of ya’ll. Also thought the police ship was neat to see. 2015-03-03_0029Oil drums one of the islands number one source of income.2015-03-03_0030Fun story of this amazing seashell so Josh was snorkeling and spotted this from afar and had to grab it as a souvenir. It wasn’t till later that we learned that what looked like and empty shell (2 days later) after we had a funny smell starting in our room I opened our souvenir drawer of the dresser and this alien like creature was moving. As you can imagine I screamed like a crazy person and made Josh dispose of it. 2015-03-03_00212015-03-03_00312015-03-03_0032Underwater selfies are not as easy to do as they look lol 2015-03-03_00342015-03-03_00332015-03-03_0035Piton Mountains
2015-03-03_0013This is the infamous mud bath. You essentially jump into boiling water from the volcano and then jump out paint yourself in volcanic ash, once dry you get back in the boiling water and clean off and shed your top layers of skin. IT WAS HOT!!!2015-03-03_00362015-03-03_0037Then we went to a local native’s house to eat at Kennedy’s mom’s house. She was so sweet to open her home to strangers and the meal came right out of her backyard!2015-03-03_00382015-03-03_0014Better pictures below from out second trip to the fountain of youth waterfall.2015-03-03_00392015-03-03_0040Have you seen Pirates of the Caribbean? Does this look familiar? We got to cliff jump off this cliff that was featured a few times in the movie. The tunnel opening is said to be where they shot the dead man noose scene.  2015-03-03_00412015-03-03_00422015-03-03_00102015-03-03_00112015-03-03_0012Time to visit Lindsey and Brandon’s Sandals Grande Resort. 2015-03-03_00492015-03-03_0053Man we look soooooo tan.2015-03-03_00522015-03-03_0050Lindsey made a special little friend!
2015-03-03_0051Breakfast and morning kayak trip around the resort .2015-03-03_0046This is the Brig Unicorn featured in two of the Pirates of the Caribbean movies that is now sunk at the bottom of the ocean only 2 weeks after shooting these images.  Thankfully no one was seriously injured but it is still sad that such a beauty is lost at sea. 2015-03-03_00152015-03-03_00162015-03-03_00172015-03-03_00182015-03-03_00192015-03-03_00202015-03-03_0048Market shopping.2015-03-03_0076Eastern Caribbean money! 2015-03-03_0047Joshua and I enjoyed our trip with Julians Boat Tours that we took the trip again!2015-03-03_0054This is how close I was swimming next to what I thought was trash but was actually a jelly fish2015-03-03_0055Volcanic ash bath and some locals. 2015-03-03_00562015-03-03_00572015-03-03_0058Kennedy here is taking time her to tell us about the cashew nut with is attached to a fruit! 2015-03-03_00592015-03-03_00602015-03-03_0061This is Kennedy’s momma’s garden no lie she grows everything. 2015-03-03_0062Cashew nut and fruit2015-03-03_0063The second day we went out it was cloudy and rainy but still beautiful. Bottom middle picture is a bat cave if you look closely in between the rocks you can see 1000′s of bats.
2015-03-03_0084Fountain of youth! Ps. this water was ice cold!2015-03-03_00852015-03-03_0064Spiced rum that runs going down. I took one shot and I will never do that again I am not that awesome to be able to handle that.
2015-03-03_00652015-03-03_0066Last resort that we visited was Sandals La Toc and it was a little on the ritzy side but we enjoyed our dinner and visit with some new friends that we met on the tour! 2015-03-03_00672015-03-03_0068I got to shimmy and shake with the performers on stage!2015-03-03_0001Top left picture is inmates on a flat bed they  must not have to worry about them running off. The others are just chaotic driving pictures. 2015-03-03_00692015-03-03_00702015-03-03_00712015-03-03_00722015-03-03_00732015-03-03_0007My brothers are firefighters so I thought I would take a photo of the station here on the island for them the pumper trucks look so different!2015-03-03_00742015-03-03_00752015-03-03_00772015-03-03_0078We got to take a water taxi and it was a neat experience. 2015-03-03_00792015-03-03_00802015-03-03_00812015-03-03_00822015-03-03_00832015-03-03_0086Seriously we loved these guys and they totally made our trip a one of a kind experience. 2015-03-03_00872015-03-03_00882015-03-03_00892015-03-03_0091I gained 10 lbs at this resort over 8 days. There was no healthy eating at all we purged!2015-03-03_0090We also made a photographer friend on the island named Lanna who took a brief moment at sunset to snap some pics of us!2015-03-03_00922015-03-03_00932015-03-03_0094

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